NZP-100 Z Axis Setter


Model : NZP-100

Cnc Machine Tool Setter
1. Commonly used in computer milling machine / lathe knife set
2. Measuring height: 50.00 ± 0.005mm.
3. Small spring force to avoid small cutter or drill fracture.
4. Ground parallel plate can be easily set.
5. Available in hex wrench to adjust the measured height
6. Available in hex wrench to adjust the pointer to zero
7. New Z-axis setter factory has correction setting is completed . under the knife stroke is 1mm customers to use more convenient

Z Axis Setter

NEW Z Axis Setter







100.00   /±0.005mm  



Bottom have magnetic


Bottom no magnetic

Z-axis setter simple easy to clean by:

If the Z-axis top stuck due to the dust, please use 4MM or less than 4MM Rods and clean up nudging into the hole a few times which can make dust come out.

But if it is caused by cutting oils jammed or collision cutter, please send it to our company and we have clean service.


NZP-100 new Z-axis setter adjustment method

1.Pressing prallel block on the standard plane.
2.Turn the dial  to zero at the top. 
3.The parallel block downward pressure on the front of a standard surface, using a 2.5 hex wrench pointer turn to zero .
4.The bottom of the adjustment holes to adjust the height of the  test bench (also known under the knife stroke) using 4 hex wrench to adjust  you need the under the knife stroke 
5.New Z Axis Setter  factory has correction setting is completed .under the knife stroke is 0.01mm customers to use more convenient